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Deluxe smartphones for 2015

With the booming smartphone market becoming saturated with an endless range of devices offering a huge selection of features, there’s an increased demand on many designers to offer something a little different. And for those with an unlimited budget, these deluxe smartphones provide an extravagant touch to make sure that you stand out from the crowd.

As one of the world’s top tech brands, Apple has long sought to attract design-savvy customers by offering some seriously luxurious alternatives to their standard range of products. The new iPhone 6s does just this by providing aesthetic casing options that feature rose, silver and even gold coloured exteriors.

But for those who are looking to upgrade their smartphone choice into the next price bracket, you can now purchase limited-edition 24-carat gold iPhones from Gold Status. These allow you to enjoy all of the standard iPhone functions ranging from the eight megapixel camera technology to an A7 processing chip that allows you to play a variety of mobile games such as Sloto Cash Casino’s impressive Megasaur slot game, but with the added benefit of knowing that you’ll never confuse your smartphone with a friend’s device.

However, as one of Apple’s fiercest competitors, HTC have been quick to get in on the limited-edition gold option. Their HTC One (M7) Gold Edition retails for nearly £3,000 and will provide you with the satisfaction of knowing that you are the proud owner of just one of these five gold-plated smartphones in the world.

Fashion houses have a long association with high-end products, and so it was no surprise when the French fashion line Dior decided to enter the smartphone market with their extravagant Reverie mobile. The smartphone’s more benign features included a standard touchscreen and five megapixel camera, but what really raised eyebrows were the aesthetic details of 1,539 diamonds and 46 pieces of mother-of-pearl that sought to justify the £78,000 asking price.

And finally, those who are looking for a true party piece could do worse than shell out an eye-watering £8,000 for the deluxe Mobiado Pioneer handset. Not only does the device feature a striking design with some retro-chic fittings, but the phone’s back cover is made out of an actual meteorite. Although the use of space rock as a material might make it somewhat bulky weighing in at a chunky 217 grammes, it will surely add to the user’s confidence about surviving a fall from their hands.