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How gadgets became luxurious

For many years the gadget was the domain of the bedroom boffin. Gadgets were frequently seen as overly complicated, somewhat unnecessary, and just plain ugly!

However, since the rise of the iconic iPhone, our gadgets have become highly desirable for a much broader range of people. And as such, there has risen a new kind of gadget – the luxury gadget.

These devices not only promise the best in functionality, but they also deliver lots of bling too!


Many of our first experiences of gadgets arrived through gaming. But our gaming gadgets have come a long way since the days of the Gameboy!

Whilst many are advocating the fascinating virtual reality options offered by the likes of Oculus Rift, there are those that welcome the return of vintage games with a luxurious twist.

The highly-limited edition Love Hulten R-KAID-R offers a highly retro and luxurious gaming experience as the chic console is embedded in a special wooden carrying case and holds over 10,000 vintage games including Pac Man and Asteroids.

Or for a modern version of luxury gaming, then consider the PlayStation 3 Supreme that offers all of the functionality of a normal PlayStation, but is coated in 22 carat gold and has a disc-loader lined with diamonds!

Another timeless example of luxurious gaming can be seen in the casino. There is an ever-increasing amount of sophisticated slot machines being developed that seek to attract the gadget-friendly high-roller clientele. And even popular online sites like http://cad.SpinPalace.com use all the luxurious motifs that you’d expect from companies seeking to lure people with the promises of big casino money.

Home entertainment

And of course, there’s an endless range of luxury gadgets to entertain you around the home too.

Whilst many of us enjoy using docking stations to charge and play media from our smartphones, a docking station was recently released for the iPhone that was made of crystal and painted with platinum. Not surprisingly, the docking station cost almost as much as the phone itself by retailing at over $500.

And whereas luxury used to be synonymous with the likes of Rolls Royce offering the ultimate in comfort, nowadays gadget freaks are seeking something a little different such as the Emperor LX Chair.

This somewhat overwhelming device retails at $21,000 and is a workstation that surrounds you with four touchscreens and encases you in an ergonomic chair that has ionic air filtering and light therapy for when it all starts to feel a little too much!