Hyundai unveils its concept egg-mobile, silly hat included

Ever since Fukushima, it’s taken a while for Japan to get its mojo back in terms of weird, completely impractical devices. So, in a bid to take up the slack, it appears that South Korea is applying for the position of new world epicenter of weird technology with the debut of its latest vehicle called E4U.

Unveiled at this week’s Seoul Motor Show, Hyundai calls its creation a personal mobility vehicle. But upon first glance, the E4U looks more like a giant egg with twin kickstands extending from its back. The concept vehicle can be driven in any direction using semi-spherical components instead of traditional tires.

With speeds that reportedly don’t exceed the gait of an adult pedestrian, the E4U is probably not a vehicle designed to hit the highway. However, that raises the question as to why Hyundai decided to include the rather ridiculous headgear that looks like a mix between a scooter’s windshield and the helmet of a Death Star subcommander.

Based on comments from the demonstration driver, getting used to the omni-directional nature of the vehicle’s operation takes a bit practice. No release date for this wheeled egg has been announced and, based on its odd ovoid looks, we probably shouldn’t expect to see this on the road anytime soon.

Source: dvice