Electric dirt bike prototype has surprising amount of oomph

This Freeride E-Speed electric motorcycle prototype from KTM-KISKA is a sight to behold. It can perform just as well as a traditional commuter as it can offroad, not to mention that it looks like a blast to take for a spin.

Here are some of the Freeride’s features:

Sturdy Electric Motor: A disc armature design of brushless synchronous motor powers the KTM Freeride E. This low-wear, compact and slim power plant generates 42 Nm of torque from the first twist of the grip and ensures even power delivery. Designed for peak power of 22 kW (30 hp), the electric motor can supply 15 kW (20 hp) continuously. Twist and go. No clutch. No shifting: simply twist the grip, ride off and have fun!

300V Traction Battery: The compact and easily replaceable battery provides 2.1 kWh of energy for more than 30 minutes’ riding pleasure. You can also ride while a second battery is being charged!

Dustproof and Waterproof: Both the drive unit, with its electric motor and power electronics, and the battery are completely dust and waterproof. The Freeride E is therefore well prepared for the toughest offroad trips.

Don’t miss a couple of riders completing jumps and other acrobatic feats on the Freeride E-Speed Electric Scooter Concept in the video.

Source: dvice