Fit for a crime fighter: Three-wheeled electric ‘Batmobile’

The Torq Roadster is not an electric tricycle. It’s a monster roadster with an electric heart and Batman would be happy to have one. I’ll prove it to you.

Designed by Epic Electric Vehicles, the Torq Roadster goes from 0-60 miles per hour in four seconds. That’s four silent seconds, thanks to its electric motor; perfect for catching villains or electric vehicle nay-sayers unaware. It also corners better than a Ferrari F430. So, even if you’re hunting down a particularly wealthy super villain, you’ll have the edge, pulling 1.3 G’s around every corner.

The Tumbler-esque design is state of the art. A carbon fiber body, polycarbonate windscreen and super-wide 80-inch track suspension all contribute to the speed and handling of the Torq Roadster. But the real master stroke in its design was the removal of the fourth wheel. Epic claims that having only three wheels reduces drag by 25 percent, boosting both acceleration and range. Besides, it isn’t exactly the first time Batman has removed a wheel or two from his vehicles.

It’s street legal. Okay, fine: Batman doesn’t care about that too much, but the rest of us do. The Torq Roadster makes its official debut April 6 at Epic’s R&D center, located in Vista, California.

Source: ohgizmo