Morris Yachts Unveils Their New M46 Sailing Yacht

Morris Yachts is a family-run business that has been crafting stunning luxury yachts for the past four decades. Though they already have a pretty impressive line of yachts ranging from 29 to 80 feet, they’re not satisfied yet and are proving it with the announcement of their brand new M46 Modern Classic, which was just unveiled at the 2013 Maine Boat Builders Show.

Morris Yachts has been in the industry for nearly half a century demonstrating their craftsmanship through their M-Series and Ocean Series lines. According to Morris, the newest edition to the family, the M46 Modern Classic, is a departure from what we have typically seen in the M-Series and will feature never-before-seen innovations in a yacht of her size and range.

“The M46 is an excellent expression of our company’s ability to combine style, craftsmanship and performance in a way that nobody else in sailing can,” explained Morris Yachts CEO Doug Metchick. “The M46 is an extraordinary design which encompasses many innovations that will find their way into our M-Series line for years to come.”

The M46 features increased sailing performance, a larger cabin and other additional nontraditional elements, such as a fold-down transom (the area that makes up the stern) that showcases their versatility and ability to keep up with the constantly evolving demands of the modern-day sailing community.

Morris Yachts further increased the performance of this stellar new boat by working alongside legendary firm Sparkman & Stephens. According to Morris, this partnership resulted in a new hull design that allows for an advanced sailing experience in a range of different conditions, as well as another noteworthy achievement of a lower displacement-to-length ratio that provides increased acceleration.

Along with this, the M46 also boasts generous quarters for owners, an innovative control system and fresh new accessories, such as an inflatable stand-up paddle board with a custom storage locker and a unique deck arrangement with flush-mounted hatches that give the cabin natural light.

The final cherry on top of this unveiling for the people of Portland is that “the new M46 kicks off a five-year company plan to revitalize and increase marine jobs in Maine,” which is an added bonus for the local industry.

Source: justluxe