Rumor: Apple ‘iWatch’ is coming by end of this year

Last month, amid all the rumors surrounding new products from Apple, one report claimed that Apple has up to 100 staffers working on a top secret wearable computer project thought to be a watch-like device. Now, in an update to that original report, Bloomberg offered a few more details on what may turn out to be one of Apple’s most exciting launches ever.

According to a source in contact with Bloomberg, the device, now commonly referred to as the iWatch, will let users make calls, view caller I.D., use maps, and serve as a health monitor measuring steps and heart rate. However, the biggest news in this latest report is the claim that the device will be released “this year.” The report also points out that Apple has filed 79 patents for inventions that include the word wrist, one of which contain a device described as being powered by kinetic energy and sporting a flexible screen.

A new report from The Verge’s sources also suggests Apple is gunning for a battery that will last “4-5 days between charges” and is having trouble optimizing iOS for a smaller screen.

If true, this would put the iWatch on track to hit the market around the same time as Google’s new wearable device, Glass, setting up the first real head-to-head battle between the two tech giants in the hardware space.

Source: dvice