DORA bike helmet comes with built-in turn indicators

Cyclists, I know it isn’t always easy for you to ride on roads with traffic. But, you’ve gotta remember to obey the rules, even when you encounter some drivers that, well, don’t. Good thing for you, there’s a helmet concept out there that might make things a bit more simple.

The DORA is a direction-indicating bike helmet that signals others when you’re about to make a turn. It works just like a car turn signal, so that might help ease some of the tension in the cyclist-motorist relationship. The sleek helmet works via Bluetooth, by connecting to a small system located on the bicycle’s handlebars. The cyclist just needs to press a button and the helmet’s corresponding “turn signal” will illuminate.

In addition to coming equipped with a headlight and turn signals, the DORA helmet also functions as a perfectly good head protector, although we figure that crashing over and over in it will probably start to get expensive. There’s no price or availability on this concept yet, however, and in the meantime, you’ll just have to keep on using those old-fashioned arm signals.

Source: dvice