Don’t Go To The Mirror, Let The Mirror Come To You

You gotta love first world problems. Oh, you’re annoyed you have to lean over the sink to get close enough to the mirror and pop that pimple? Cool story, bro. Here, have a solution you absolutely don’t need for the problem you just invented, you lazy bastard, you! But hey, if there’s money to be made, someone somewhere will try to sell it. The Miior is a bathroom mirror that’s mounted on a extending scissor arm, much like the smaller side mirrors some restroom mirrors have, only this time the whole thing moves forward. Pull on it, and it’s pressed up against your face, right where you want it so you can examine the pores on your forehead with greater efficiency.

We’re not fond of it, to be honest, because really, what’s wrong with bending forward? But you never know, maybe we’re just too unrefined or something. We don’t know how much it costs, but we can tell you it comes in three shapes and they’ve got built-in diffused LED lighting.

Source: ohgizmo