Experience Superior Craftsmanship with the Valedictorian Putter

Generally speaking, when someone is a golf fan, they are incredibly dedicated and passionate about the sport. The people at Valedictorian are right there on the green with these enthusiasts, and it was their obsession with golf that ultimately led to the creation of their luxury putter born of the collaboration of skilled associates who wanted to combine their love of golf and “High class watch-making.”

By joining the age-old tradition of quality watch-making and applying it to the game of golf, you end up with putters that not only have superior performance but also feature elegant details and quality craftsmanship. This innovative concept led to a unique putter with a sophisticated design that is sure to deliver unparalleled feel and balance due to the symmetric equilibrium comprehension as studied among some of the top industry professionals.

Designer of the Valedictorian, Fabien Muller was born in Switzerland, and at a young age chose to follow in the footsteps of his talented, watch-maker father. After attending the renowned School of Watchmaking in Geneva at the age of fifteen, Muller continued designing to perfect his skill and sharpen his talents. With another one of his passions being golf, in 2010 Muller and his two partners made the decision to hone in on his flair for fine design to create a new generation of putters.

With every stroke, the golfer will experience unrivaled precision and balance through the use of traditional Swiss science and engineering. The people behind the creation of this luxury putter had no intention of forgoing aesthetic design for function; therefore, the Valedictorian is a luxury putter that is a superb combination of performance and beauty. The putter itself is carved from a stainless steel bloc and can be customized and finished by world-renowned jewelers with exceptional gems. This ensures that the owner gets a sophisticated piece specific to their own personal taste.

Source: justluxe