Cozy Up With Your Valentine in Scandinavian Knitwear by Suss

Although cotton used to be thick and dull, new types like Pima that breathe and lay just right on the skin make the sumptuous feel of a comfy cotton shirt a luxury again. Finding a comfortable and sophisticated long-sleeved shirt can be difficult, and that’s why we are delighted with luxury brand Suss and its refreshing collection of easy-to-wear shirts, sweaters, and accessories that come in wonderfully light palettes.

In Pima cotton, the shirts range from basic tees and tanks to long-sleeved V-necks, henleys, cardigans, and scoop necks that retail between $69 and $89. For a cozy Valentine’s Day spent by the fire, guys should ditch the tired chocolates and roses for one of Suss’s amazing 100% cashmere tops that look as soft as a cloud. We melt for the Petra Double Seam off-the-shoulder knit sweater shown in Butter. Something about the exposed front seam and raw edge finishing is both subtly sexy and extremely romantic at the same time. The total collection, which includes chunky cable pullovers, extra-long double seam cardigans, and long-sleeved cashmere V-necks, ranges from $254 to $284.

Founder and designer Suss Cousins’ background in Scandinavian knitwear is extensive, as seen through her versatile knit sweaters that are available in delicate colors like dove, lemon and charcoal. Off-the-shoulder sweaters are super chic and comfy, and can be layered or worn loose. The one shown above is the company’s Alpaca Blend, and sells for $219. My favorite designs, though, are the asymmetrical pullovers and spidery textures seen in the Open Weave collection.

Cousins includes luxe accessories in her collection, as well. Adorable beanies and scarves are knitted and hand dyed. I love the Wispy Scarves, which are 100% cashmere, come in neutral colors, and can be worn with practically anything. So men, take a hint and layer your loved one in cashmere this Valentine’s Day.

Source: justluxe