Chat in Style | Prada and LG Launch Bluetooth Headset

If you like your gadgets fancy, then the PRADA Bluetooth by LG HBM-906 headset may be just the accessory missing from your luxe arsenal.

Amongst the latest of fashion meets function collaborations is the Prada Bluetooth by LG. The sleek design is Prada’s signature and the brand’s insignia lets everyone see that you know appearances matter. If you’re the type that likes to match your shoes to your bag (or belt), then you’re going to want the Prada Bluetooth because the sleek black and chrome design perfectly fits with the Prada by LG Smartphone design.

Flashy, yet subtle and sophisticated, the Prada Bluetooth will look as sleek on a fleet of personal assistants as it will on a CEO. It hasn’t quite made its official debut yet, but when it does become available at select LG and Prada stores, it should go for around $140.

Source: justluxe