Best Thing At CES 2013: The Inada Massage Chair

Among the throngs of 4K televisions, convertible Ultrabooks, and self-driving cars, the one thing that impressed us most at CES 2013 was the one thing most people would ignore. See, after attempting to walk the 1.92million square feet of floor space, everything starts to hurt. Everything. Little did we know that tucked somewhere in the convention show floor was the Inada booth. Decked out with about 12 massage chairs, we decided to sit. And the Heavens opened up to shine down on us.

Granted, this isn’t new tech. It’s really barely tech at all. But if you think you know a massage chair and have never sat on, say, a Sogno DreamWave from Inada, you don’t know massage chairs. This thing wraps around your body, legs and arms included, and initially calibrates itself to your particular height. After that 30s calibration, it proceeds to knead your back, squeeze your toes, your arms, your shoulders… everything. It lies you down and tugs on your legs to give your spine a gentle stretch. The DreamWave motion even has your hips moving laterally, putting your back in a gentle 8-figure dance that feels a lot better than any written description can convey. There’s just so much happening at once, you feel as if four or five professional massage artists are working on you and once you’re done, your body feels like an overcooked noodle. It was glorious!

Of course, this kind of chair isn’t cheap. The top of the line model we tried sells for around $8,900. That’s obviously a lot of money, but if you’re the manager of a small office and have been looking for something to boost morale, you could do a lot worse than buying this for the crew. Just sayin…

Source: ohgizmo