VW unveils CrossBlue plug-in SUV with iPad mini headrests and 85MPGe efficiency

America is the land of the SUV and so it’s no surprise that Volkswagen came here to launch its CrossBlue plug-in concept. The SUV features a front-mounted diesel engine paired with an electric motor in a traditional hybrid configuration, plus a second, more powerful electric motor in the rear to drive those wheels in the back. This configuration gives it all wheel drive and also allows the ECU to either send power to or retrieve power from (in the form of regeneration) either motor to recharge the on-board battery pack — which can also be juiced up by plugging into the wall.

The system is said to deliver an estimated 85MPGe efficiency, which is pretty amazing for an SUV, and 14 miles of pure electric driving should you wish. As it’s a concept, it’s anybody’s guess just how it’ll actually perform when it goes into production, but we couldn’t help but notice something very much available today in the back seats: iPad minis. Yes, one was embedded in each of the headrests, rear-facing for maximum efficiency in keeping the kids busy during a long cruise. Again, this is just a concept, so no guarantees we’ll ever see this on the road, but a VW rep commented that they hope to see this in production in a year or two.

Source: engadget