Samsung unveils 85-inch S9 UHD TV, 110-inch model to follow later this year

At CES 2013, it is apparently a must for mainstream HDTV manufacturers to bring a 4K television and as a market leader, Samsung is no different. So what does the mighty S9 UHD TV bring to the table? At 85-inches, it claims a size that’s one inch beyond the competition, and features a crazy “Timeless Gallery” frame design that Samsung says “showcases the juxtaposition of a minimalist concept with such a large display.” Even after getting a firsthand look at it we’re still not sure how to interpret its odd stance, but after promising an “unprecedented new shape” we guess this… had to be it?

No matter how it’s propped up, it’s still high end all the way, with “Precision Black Pro” display tech for an extremely high contrast ratio, 2.2 channel audio and integrated scaler to make your 1080p videos viewable at the higher res. Naturally, you can also count on all of Samsung’s 2013 smart TV features with quad-core processor, voice and gesture control and apps making an appearance. There’s no word on pricing or ship date, but Samsung is promising 95- and even 110-inch sizes before the year is out.

Source: engadget