Yves Rocher Ambre Noir

In December 2012 the house of Yves Rocher is launching a new fragrance for men, Ambre Noir. The fragrance is announced as a very intense forest with accentuated sensual and warm notes of amber. The perfumer of the new edition is Christophe Raynaud who stated: “I wanted to express the way a man seduces. Confirmation of masculinity, raw performance, with a dose of sophistication. My wish was to create an intoxicating fragrance which cannot be resisted.”

Ambre Noir is a new fragrance for men which unites intense woody aromas of patchouli with its aromas of earth, comfort, tobacco and vetiver wrapped in dark accords of tonka. Tonka contains notes of amber and vanilla. Tonka absolute was used in this composition and it accentuates hotness and intensiveness. The heart hides woody notes of cedar and lavender highlighting elegance of the edition. A cuddly trail leaves amber and warms the entire composition.

Yves Rocher Ambre Noir
patchouli, vetiver, tonka, cedar, lavender, amber

Yves Rocher Ambre Noir is available as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette, accompanied by 200 ml shower gel and 100 ml performed deodorant. The fragrance arrives on the market in January 2013.

Source: fragrantica