UP Table Looks Good, Is Expensive

You can have nice things. You’re just gonna have to pay a lot for them most of the time. If any of you watched the movie Up!, you probably enjoyed it: it was great! And the table you see here, from British designer Christopher Duffy, is inspired by that movie. If you’ll recall, that was the animation flick where this grumpy old man with a square face takes off to the skies by attaching his house to a bunch of balloons. So, yeah, the balloons…
Working with the illusion of levitation and buoyancy, the UP coffee table is a playful trompe l’oeil, giving the impression that a piece of glass is being suspended by small balloons.

Anyway, a cool looking, whimsical piece of furniture of which there are only 20 being made will set you back a cool £5,800, which is roughly $9,300 in Yankee money.

Source: ohgizmo