Tentacle Prosthetic Wraps and Curls Where Hands Used to Twist and Grab

Prostheses have come a long way, thanks to the work of dedicated researchers and doctors. We’ve seen limbs that look real and limbs that look like they came from the set of Terminator. And just when we think we’ve seen all there is to see, Kaylene Kau comes along with her Tentacle Prosthetic design.

It’s bizarre, it’s weird, and it’s definitely unconventional. It also happens to be pretty dexterous.

Kaylene wasn’t trying to go for the shock factor. Instead, she came up with this design because it simplifies the current prosthesis designs that are being used today. Her tentacle arm requires less motors and less parts, so they cost less to make and require less effort to maintain.

While I admit it’s an interesting design, I think only a handful of people would actually go and get a prosthetic that looks like this. What do you think?

Source: ohgizmo