Logic3′s Ferrari-branded headphones and speakers make their stateside debut, no license required to rock

Ferrari isn’t a stranger to licensing its brand for use on gadgets. As of this week, the automaker’s added some new offerings in the US on the audio-front with the help of Logic3. Way back at CES we got our eyes on the duo’s full lineup of co-branded headphones and speakers, and now folks in the US can officially get their hands on two such offerings (Tim Stevens-approved racing gloves not required). Its $400 Cavallino T350 headphones come in black or tan, featuring 40mm drivers, active noise cancellation, an in-line remote / mic for your smartphone and a tangle-proof cord. As you’d expect, they’re crafted from premium metal and leather for an extra luxurious feel on the ears. Those looking to fill a room with sound should take note of the $500 Scuderia FS1. It’s a 2.1 speaker system complete with Bluetooth and the ever-aging 30-pin connector for older iOS devices. Sure, it’s been a slow start to market, but here’s to hoping the performance matches the prices — hey, it still beats an actual payment on one of Ferrari’s actual whips.

Source: engadget