Naturalistic apartment complex mimics mountainous shapes

Chinese architecture firm MAD, which we’ve seen some truly crazy designs from, has announced plans for a series of buildings nestled in the Huangshan Mountains of eastern China. MAD used the surrounding natural beauty as inspiration for their building design, so they have a very organic appeal that fits in nicely with the terrain.

The buildings will peek out over the mountain treetops and have views of the nearby Taiping Lake. The remote rural area has brought visitors for years, but MAD hopes to encourage people to set up permanent residences with their new structures. Construction is scheduled to be complete in 2014 and the plans have room for 700 apartments, a hotel and other facilities for comfortable, year-round living.

MAD founder Ma Yansong describes the draw of the Huangshan Mountains:
“The impression we have of Taiping Lake in Huangshan is vague. Each visit to this place yields different views, different impressions. A bit mysterious, like ancient landscape paintings, never based on realism but rather, the imagination. This vague feeling is always poetic; it is obscure and indistinct.”

Source: dvice