Samsung bringing 85-inch ultra high definition TV to CES

Samsung announced on Monday that it won 27 CES Innovation Awards for several of its products, but nested within a list of familiar honorees was a wildcard: an 85-inch ultra high definition TV. Bringing earlier prototypes (pictured above) to fruition, this massive up and comer cranks out resolutions of over 8 million pixels. Sammy is billing this titanic television as “the world’s largest commercialized UHD LED TV,” a claim that will likely be challenged soon. Thin on pricing and release details, the company did confirm that it will be on display at CES 2013. So, if you’re currently denying yourself luxuries such as hot water and warm meals in hopes of saving up to snag a certain 84-inch UHD set, you might want to pump your brakes until you see what Samsung has up its sleeve in the months to come.

Source: engadget