DirecTV Genie DVR and interface launch with advice for the indecisive

We got a peek at DirecTV’s Genie system just a few weeks ago with promises of a system that would both suggest related shows and optionally record them unbidden. It’s here, and it’s being joined by some rebranding. The company’s flagship HR34 DVR has been relabeled as the Genie and makes the new software its centerpiece, with those five tuners letting even the chronically uncommitted take new recommendations as seriously as they like. As before, simultaneous viewing is otherwise the biggest angle: there’s support for up to eight RVU-capable TVs hooked up at once, two shows playing on one TV and up to four TVs watching the same show. You’ll have to be a new subscriber to get the video recorder under the Genie moniker, although we don’t see too many existing customers dropping everything to get that symbolic distinction.

Source: engadget