Ayala Moriel’s New Perfume Treazon

At the Fragrance salon event we at last met in person Ayala Moriel, the founder and perfumer of Ayala Moriel Parfums. I am a big fan of her very imaginative natural perfumes. She was also the first perfumer who was kind enough to accept an offer to be interviewed by a small and then unknown but enthusiastic perfume encyclopedia named Fragrantica, back when we started.

At the Salon, Ayala was introducing her whole line of perfumes, including one of her most recent, Etrog Oy de Cologne, a citron- and tradition-based fragrance. Ida Meister described it beautifully in her article. I can add that it sat immediately very comfortably on my skin and I enjoyed its nice sweet character the rest of the evening.


Ayala Moriel's New Perfume TreazonWe also had a chance to smell her newest perfume, Treazon, a very dark composition that will be symbolically released on 12/12/12. Treazon is a mysterious, smoky night scent. We don’t know the notes yet, but it feels like a deep and dense woody fragrance, almost cutting at the begining, with an alarming animalic nuance. Something dangerous is captured in this murky liquid. Although with time’s passing it got softer and even more floral on my skin, it remained a night fragrance. Compared to cheerful Etrog, I would say that Treazon is its very opposite.

Ayala also presented her own hand-made chocolate, scented with fragrances you find in her line: Guilt, Espionage, Roses et Chocolate and White Potion. Myself, I love the seductive play of fragrance and flavor, and I love the idea of chocolate made by a perfumer. You can find them together with truffles and perfumed teas at Ayala’s website.

Source: fragrantica