Undergreen Pink and Undergreen Gold

Undergreen has started its niche line by combining extreme contrasts and based on top quality essences and raw ingredients found in the compositions. The first two fragrances which were introduced in 2011 suggest the minimalism that this house wants to highlight, but also the modern and elegant style characteristic of the brand’s founders. Patrice Cardenoso and Jerome Bonnet add two new fragrances to previous editions Black and White, by which they add a golden veil and optimistic pink to black and white colors.
Undergreen Pink and Undergreen Gold The two new fragrances are named Undergreen Pink and Undergreen Gold. They were presented in 2012 as a continuance of the saga on clear contrasts and the game of colors, style and quality. Undergreen Pink arrives in a pink flacon, offering a vivid presentation of a floral-fruity-gourmand composition. Tasty fruity notes are mixed with candies and floral notes to provide a chic composition that attracts attention.

Luminous top notes are created of citruses mixed skillfully with resin-like notes of elemi wrapped in a mysterious incense veil, announcing a passionate blend of fruity notes of strawberry and lush rose flowers.

Gourmand shades of candies (praline and caramel) in base notes are supported by vanilla and leave a seductive, gourmand effect cuddling the skin. The perfumer of the edition is Cecile Zarokian.

Undergreen Pink

lemon, elemi, incense
strawberry, rose
praline, caramel, vanilla

Undergreen Pink and Undergreen GoldBesides Undergreen Pink, the collection receives another fragrance inspired by gold, warmth and the richness of life. It is created by perfumer Fabrice Olivieri as a blend of luminous citruses and delicate spices resting on a resin and warm base to warm the skin. Top notes of Undergreen Gold await us with ripe, sparkling citruses—lime, lemon, grapefruit as a foamy announcement of a blend of spices and luminous floral notes. Cardamom, ginger and orange blossom play the main role in the heart of the composition finishing with a hot blend of myrrh, benzoin and incense.

The composition of perfume Undergreen Gold transfers the unique energy and strength of gold with its warm, sunny notes.

Undergreen Gold

lemon, lime, grapefruit
cardamo, ginger, roange blossom
myrrh, benzoin, incense

Source: fragrantica