Motorola Mobility launches Android-powered HMC3260 ‘Cloud Broadband’ media streamer

Motorola Mobility launches Android-powered HMC3260 'Cloud Broadband' media streamer

Motorola will be supplying China’s WASU Digital Group, a cable and broadband provider, with the HMC3260 Android entertainment device for cloud-based, broadband internet streaming. Dubbed “Cloud Broadband” by the operator, the device will provide the primary connection for “hybrid fiber coax networks,” while also offering an 18.5-inch touchscreen interface, based on an unnamed flavor of Android. WASU claims the device will allow “easy access and search” for on-demand HD video services, storage, games and apps, on top of regular cable TV services. There’s no mention of internal storage or any other specs or service details, but adding an Android-based touchscreen to a broadband connection device? Sounds like a promising idea.

Source: engadget