Opalum’s Flow 1010 TV speakers sport ‘minimalist floating’ design, get priced at £1,649

Opalum's Flow 1010 TV speakers sport 'minimalist floating' design, get priced at £1,649

We’ve certainly encountered a fair share of interesting speakers in our time, albeit most of them have had a different focus than Opalum’s new Flow 1010s. How so? It’s simple, really: these aren’t going to be known for their Bluetooth capabilities, oddly-shaped design or even being portable. Instead, Opalum’s hoping to take the living room by surprise with its “floating” aesthetics and patented Actisonic and Actiline digital audio tech — which, apparently, has taken decades of academic research to accomplish and, in the end, offers reverse filtering algorithms alongside state-of-the-art aluminum drivers that allow the Flow 1010 to have “control of the air movement.” Now don’t let the minimalist looks fool you into thinking these will come cheap, as the starting price point is a whopping £1,649 (around $2,700) — though, if it makes it any better, that does take into account an included “hub” and an RF touch remote.

Source: engadget