Croon Audio’s Original Bluetooth speakers promise not to creak while they’re cranked

Croon Audio's Original Bluetooth speakers promise not to creak while they're cranked

Odds are that we’ve all had a speaker system which can’t take the heat: turn up the volume and there’s an unintentional dubstep remix as the waaahs and wubwubs of distortion and vibration overtake whatever we actually meant to hear. Croon Audio is only just getting into speakers, but its Original system makes clean sound the order of the day: along with the retro, anti-distortion fiberboard design, the Bluetooth audio box has isolation cones at the corners that Croon hopes will leave any shake, rattle and rolling to Big Joe Turner and Bill Haley. That’s good news for a small enclosure with two 15W drivers and a Class D amp inside. A 3.5mm jack still exists if wireless audio compression gets on the nerves as well. The speakers are already selling now in a classic black for $200, although $230 will net a slightly livelier gray or white, and $235 lands an attention-getting (if limited edition) red.

Source: engadget