Wristwatch phone with GPS is like a human LoJack for your kid

Wristwatch phone with GPS is like a human LoJack for your kid

If you’re one of those overprotective parents who wants to keep tabs on your kid at all times, this watch and phone combo is just the ticket. Just as a LoJack system lets you locate your stolen car, the watch includes a built in GPS tracker that lets you follow the wearer wherever they go.

Most kids will be so thrilled to be able to do a Dick Tracy impersonation using the built in phone, that they won’t notice those beady little eyes starting at them from the watch’s face. That’s actually their parents, following every move they make.

The quad band GSM phone can be programmed to send an SMS message if it strays outside a predefined geographic area, alerting the parent to any potential truancy. It can also be tethered to a cellphone using Bluetooth, sounding an alarm if the two are separated by more than about 30 feet. I guess that’s better than one of those physical leashes parents use on little kids, or I suppose it could be used to remind you if you happen to leave your cellphone in a restaurant.

Many schools have a total cellphone ban, so I can’t imagine this will work for too many kids. I also don’t think too many girls wanting to wear such a big and clunky looking watch, so I guess it’s more useful for keeping track of boys.

The watch is available now for about $80.

Source: dvice