Charriol Royal Leather

Charriol Royal Leather

ROYAL LEATHER, the distinguished and timeless name of the new eau de parfum for men under the Charriol designer label. Leather… a rich and intense scent, for a strong masculinity; soft and enticing, gliding beneath the fingertips for a sensual touch; a modern elegance that merges with perfection, relaxation and sophistication. ROYAL LEATHER Eau de Parfum Pour Homme, an intense original fragrance, embodies the expression of this ultimate luxury, of a strong and unflinching character.

ROYAL LEATHER magnifies the scent of leather, with ultimate virility and supreme elegance, for men of character. The heightened luxury of this fragrance with regal splendor is infused with a mélange of opulent and precious raw materials that create a modern composition with a particularly persistent sillage.

Olfactory family: oriental leather
Perfumer creator: Raphael Haury (

Top notes: The fragrance opens with a spicy blend: the red hints of saffron, the unbridled warmth of ginger, the explosive flash of pink peppercorn. A burst of freshness that is irresistibly attractive but deceptive…

Middle notes: A virility that fills the air, one seductive virility… The middle notes reveal the leather, elegantly and profoundly. A fragrance sheathed in appetizing dried fruit and woody accents of iris that are subtly exposed and diffused.

Base notes: The base notes reinforce the singular and sumptuous character of ROYAL LEATHER, an eternally masculine and decisively sensual fragrance. The cedarwood and sandalwood imbue the oriental amber structure with a classy touch. Ultra-sensuality, brazen opulence and assertive virility define the signature of this charismatic fragrance

Reflecting Charriol watches and jewelry for men, the ROYAL LEATHER bottle epitomizes quintessential luxury and masculine elegance. First, its color: a powerfully intense bronze. A bronze set off by the sparkling silver of a coat of arms at the center of the bottle, a plaque engraved with the Charriol logo. In a square format with a solid design, the bottle is exceedingly masculine and chic. It emanates the power of a beautiful objet d’art. The sides of the bottle are clad in the celebrated steel cabling, the signature motif of the House of Charriol.

Topping off the bottle, the rectangular metal cap merges with the bronze and silver colors in a mirror effect. In warm and brilliant bronze, the silver embossed Charriol logo emblazons the center of the box: the icon immediately stands out in all its luxury and majesty. A vertical band of polished silver, spotlighting the Charriol name engraved in bronze, trims one box front edge. The ROYAL LEATHER bottle and box, with bronze for virility and sensuality, and silver for luxury and opulence! ROYAL LEATHER Eau de Parfum Pour Homme (100ml spray), ultimate luxury by Charriol.

Source: fragrantica