Friendly Canadians make a mean armored SUV the size of a plane

Friendly Canadians make a mean armored SUV the size of a plane

If you thought the gradual downsizing of the Hummer meant there wasn’t a market for military inspired SUVs, a new luxury armored SUV out of Canada just ran over that idea. The personal armored SUV is back, and it’s the size of a small plane.

A few years back we brought gave you a sneak peek of The KNIGHT XV from Conquest Vehicle Inc. Now we’re taking you inside this handcrafted, ten-ton masterpiece of ingenious security appointments, engine power and sweet, sweet exclusivity.

So what comes under that high-grade steel hood? A V10, 6.8-litre gas engine delivers 326 horsepower and 462 pounds torque for this 5-speed automatic. Diesel? Yep. You can have that if you want. The gas tank holds 63 gallons – on the small size considering the weight of the vehicle but you can upgrade to a larger tank.

What you really want to know is would James Bond drive this SUV? Hell yes. So would Lara Croft, Tony Stark and just about everyone in the Justice League.

Every inch is armored — from its “transparent” features (that’s windows to us), to its opaque armor (the body) including quality rated high-grade steel, ballistic aluminum, composites and ceramics. There is even a firewall in between the driver compartment and the cabin. Um. Wow.

That’s not all. Night vision cameras come as standard equipment, ASC Ballistic run flat tires, an armored grill and Kevlar bumpers and fenders are standard equipment.

Of course you’ll want to upgrade to the under vehicle magnetic detection, external listening devices, external smoke security screens and the oxygen survival kit.

It’s not all brawn either — the KNIGHT XV has leather and suede interiors and a long list of “standard” cabin features that include an Alpine sound system, a dual screen console, personal laptop stations and more. Sure, you can add the humidor and the satellite TV but they probably had you with the smoke screen feature.

Of course these armored SUVs are exclusive.

They are so choice only 100 will be built, so you’d better get on the list before the traditional list of mysterious heads of state, movie stars and Grand Theft Auto-type “businessmen” crush you in the rush to get one.

Source: dvice