Intel and Nissan collaborate on Infiniti’s 2013 infotainment system, Atom inside

Intel and Nissan collaborate on Infiniti's 2013 infotainment system, Atom inside

Intel is notorious for marking its territory on a wide array of consumer gear, but one piece of kit that’s unlikely to sport that famous sticker is the infotainment system of Nissan’s 2013 Infiniti lineup. Unveiled today at the New York International Auto Show, the in-vehicle computer represents a collaboration between Intel and Nissan and was showcased within the Infiniti LE concept vehicle. On the inside lurks an Atom CPU, which bucks the general trend toward ARM architecture in these systems. Both companies put their collective heads together to create cloud-based services for smartphone users such as video surveillance, vehicle control and monitoring. As another nice refinement, users will also be able to use their phone’s NFC capabilities for keyless entry to the carriage — no word on whether it can similarly activate the ignition.

Source: engadget