Concept bike channels classic ’70s style with eco-friendly update

Concept bike channels classic '70s style with eco-friendly update

We write a lot about electric bikes — probably because there are a lot of them hitting the streets these days. They run the range from versions that look like bicycles with a little juice to ultra-modern boxy models. This new concept bike is designed to look like an old school 1970s café racer — with a nod to todays eco-needs.

The Monocasso Concept Bike is a tribute to the original OSSA Monocasso — a unique monocoque-style racer that famed Spanish racer Santiago Herrero rode in the ’70s. Monocoque is a style of construction in which the body and the chassis form a single unit; Herrero’s 250cc bike took the racing world by storm as it was lighter and, thanks to its rigid frame, more maneuverable. Examples of Monocoque design can be seen in a lot of different places, from rockets to Apple’s unibody MacBooks.

Sadly, Herrero died in track related crash in the 1970 Isle of Mann TT, but the spirit of his love of the sport and unique collaboration with OSSA on the Monocasso lives on in this modern update from ART-TIC.

The electric update definitely brings the bike into the modern era — being compact and environmentally friendly. And while it may not win any races, it would surely get you to work on time and in style.

Source: dvice