Codex Cube LCD Concept Watch

Codex Cube LCD Concept Watch

TokyoFlash has published another very unique concept watch on to its website called the Codex Cube. Which is equipped with three LCD screens showing what at first glance look like alien markings.

The Codex Cube has been submitted by Firdaus (Malaysia) and Heather (USA), and to read the time on the watch you start in the top left for the hours and then drop down for the minutes, moving to the right for the seconds.

Once you see how the current time is displayed everything drops into place and the once alien looking characters take on a more readable persona. The Codex Cubes designers explain a little about the unique watch face and its inspirations:

“The display for this LCD watch concept, Codex Cube, was inspired by the Kisai 3D Unlimited display. By using triangular digits (originally developed for our previous Codex submission) instead of rectangular ones, we can display two digits on each “face”, allowing room for hours, minutes, and alas, the ever-changing seconds.”

Unfortunately the Codex Cube watch is just a concept at the moment, but if you feel the design is something you would use. Jump over to the TokyoFlash website to place your vote an help the watch make the jump from concept to production.

Source: geeky-gadgets