Healthcare concept shows a future that’s closer than you think

Healthcare concept shows a future that's closer than you think

The newest trend in corporate marketing magic is showing off a video of how amazing the future will look because of your products. But sometimes these futuristic videos are more reality than sci-fi, as is the case with a new look at our medical future.

The future in question is actually, according to Swedish designers Ergonomidesign, just a few years away—2015 to be exact. Their video titled The Future of Integrated Health Care offers a vision of a near future in which smart phone apps, tiny mobile diagnostic devices and ubiquitous touch screens facilitate our healthcare experience. A mere 10 years ago this video would have looked a bit unrealistic. But today, because of a number of innovations in the last decade, we all know that this is not an unrealistic depiction of the future of medical treatment. You can check out the full video below.

Source: dvice