Volvo unveils XC60 plug-in hybrid concept, claims it’s ‘superior to all existing hybrids’ (video)

Volvo unveils XC60 plug-in hybrid concept, claims it's 'superior to all existing hybrids'

Svelte plug-in hybrids? Practically a dime a dozen. What aren’t, however, are their more boxy SUV brethren — but that hasn’t stopped Volvo from creating the concept that lays before you. Beginning with a gutted XC60, the company’s fitted a turbocharged gasoline four cylinder good for 280hp up-front, and a 70hp electric motor powering the rear. Combined they produce 350 horses which scuttle the 3,300 pound crossover from 0-60MPH in a relatively scant 5.8 seconds. Yet, when not in the mood for outright performance, it can be set to run in “Pure” electric mode via a button press on the dash, enabling hypermilers everywhere to eke out 35 miles of electric motoring from its 12kWh battery pack. After depleting that, it’ll take three and a half hours to top up while tethered to 220V, or a seven and a half hours over 110V. Eager to know when the 50MPG, 600 mile range beast makes the jump from concept to reality?

Source: engadget