Multimedia car mirror lets you play games while crashing

Multimedia car mirror lets you play games while crashingThis can’t be good. If texting and using your GPS doesn’t have you sufficiently distracted while you’re supposed to be driving, perhaps this Bluetooth equipped rear view mirror will do the trick.

The Bluetooth Rearview Mirror Kit includes a host of potential driver distractions, including a GPS system with built in screen, hands free speakerphone, front and rear camera displays, video playback and of course touchscreen games. Best of all, it has a built in DVR that records the picture from the cameras. That way when you smash into the car ahead while trying reach level 9 on Super Mario as you cruise down the Interstate, the cops will have plenty of evidence.

Designed to fit over your existing mirror, the kit includes the mirror, a wireless rear view camera and an SD card for the DVR, so you can start recording your distracted driving prowess right away.

The kit is available now for about $200.

Source: dvice