Never worry about a flat again with these crazy airless tires

Never worry about a flat again with these crazy airless tiresUnless you drive a tank (in which case you should totally offer to give me rides to work), no matter how obsessive you are about your car there’s always gonna be one thing that you have no control over: flat tires. We’ve been using air-filled tires for like 150 years and at times they totally blow, so isn’t it time for something better? Bridgestone thinks so.

Bridgestone will have these crazy spiraling tires on display at the Tokyo Motor Show this weekend. They’re made out of a recyclable thermoplastic resin surrounded by a rubber tread, and without anything inflationary inside, they’re impervious to just about anything that you might accidentally run over, including glass, nails, spike strips, swords, hand grenades, coconuts, sparrows, comely wenches with huge tracts o’ land, and rabbits with pointy teeth.

Despite their advantages, airless tires aren’t in use (yet) for several reasons. Historically, they’ve offered lousy suspension, and equally lousy gas mileage thanks to their higher rolling resistance. But Bridgestone’s design should mitigate some of that at least, with the spiraling plastic “spokes” offering a smooth ride. My guess is they won’t be cheap, but wouldn’t it be nice to not ever have to worry about inflating your tires or fixing flats ever again?

Source: dvice