High-tech baby stroller transforms at the push of a button

High-tech baby stroller transforms at the push of a buttonParents are going to love this “Origami” baby stroller made by 4moms. It opens and closes with a single button. Plus it has an LCD that outputs remaining battery life readings, a built-in pedometer and a USB gadget recharger. Never have I been so excited over a stroller.

The Origami isn’t magic. It’s smart engineering. It’s the “world’s first power-folding stroller” that also happens to have a built-in generator that recharges while you push it (or can be used to recharge your cellphone, MP3 player, etc.). Cool!

If all the features I’ve just rattled off aren’t enough to convince you that this is a baby carriage sent from the distant robotic future, then maybe the fact that the LCD knows and will tell you when a baby’s in the seat so it doesn’t crush it during the power folding is cool enough?

How about built-in running lights into its legs or the fact that the entire stroller is made out of recyclable aluminum, plastic, foam and rubber? Two cup holders? The default stroller chair can even be swapped out to fit most baby car seats and supports bassinet (sold separately).

4moms is selling the Origami strollers for a hefty price: $850. You can pre-order one now and it should be available on Jan. 6, 2012. Can your stroller transform or keep track of how many miles you’ve walked? I don’t think so!

Source: dvice