Arnaud Tellier’s 2LMX watch

Arnaud Tellier's 2LMX watch
A new watch band 2LMX, created by the former head of the Geneva Patek Philippe museum, Arnaud Tellier. The 2LMX watch($TBA) is a new concept watch, with vertical tourbillon and rollers for displaying hours and minutes. Watch the video below, the video is cool!
The watch comes made of white and pink gold, titanium and platinum, with measurements of 41mm width and 50mm height. Though the timepiece only displays a 24-hour time, the truly surprising fact about it is that it comes in a sapphire-crystal face that allows everyone to see the revolving. Only 5 pieces are to be made every year, each of them need 1000 hours of craftsmanship and customizations. Its launch is supposed to be taking place in 2012.