Hublot La Clé Du Temps Watch

Hublot La Clé Du Temps Watch The Hublot La Clé Du Temps Watch meaning “the key of time” has a very unique movement that is able to speed up and slow down time. Using a crown on the left of the watch you can alter the time to run fast or run slow providing a fun way of “controlling time.”

But dont worry the movement always retains knowledge of the correct time, allowing you to always switch it back to “normal” mode and the time goes back to normal.

The watch dial, to tell the time, is on the upper right of the dial. The lower left of the dial is a power reserve indicator and above it is the selector for speeding up for slowing down the time.

Unfortunately no information on pricing has been released as yet, but the watch is hopefully arriving in March 2011 when more infomrtaion will be made available.

Hublot La Clé Du Temps Watch

Source: Geeky Gadgets