Miniaturized Sports Cars For The Kid Geek Inside You

Miniaturized Sports Cars For The Kid Geek Inside You A Japanese manufacturer has just released a line of scaled down classic sports cars intended for the 6 and up market. But judging by the photographic evidence we have, adults have taken the “and up” to heart and have embraced the cars with a passion.

The hallowed names Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Porsche and Bugatti have all gotten the treatment and if the original designers/engineers behind these vehicular works of art could see their reincarnated creations, we believe they’ll be mighty proud.

For good reason: the craftsmanship involved here is superb. Run by a high-performance 50cc engine, customers have a choice of additional ornaments, plush leather seats and an alternative racing kart engine for optimum performance.

If we had a choice of cars, the Bugatti T35 will be the hands-down winner. How can anyone not pick a Bugatti T35? Back in the day (1930s) this was the height of automobile perfection. It still is, even though the Bugatti brand has transformed itself to fit modern tastes.

Bugatti’s aside, together with various man-children across the globe who want one we believe midgets will be plopping down serious cash on a few of these rides too.

via Geeky Gadgets