1.9m-tall monster speakers for audiophiles

1.9m-tall monster speakers for audiophiles The PBN Audio Montana WAS-2 speakers stand tall at 1.9m and weigh a hefty 180kg for a good reason. It houses a total of seven driver-cones to play back any tune or genre faithfully. The full sound frequency spectrum is covered by a low distortion tweeter for treble, two midrange drivers for vocals and a pair of woofers. To produce deeper bass notes, the WAS-2 is further outfitted with dual 15-inch subwoofers powered by a beefy 1,000W amplifier that outclasses most standalone subwoofers.

These bespoke speakers are assembled using handpicked components and come in a variety of real wood and colored finishes. Each set costs a jaw-dropping US$66,500, according to lifestyle blog Bornrich.org.

via Crave