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Aiptek 3D Pocket 3D Camcorder

Aiptek 3D Pocket 3D Camcorder Aiptek has added another pocket camcorder to its range with the launch of the Aiptek 3D, as the names suggests the Aiptek 3D is capable of shooting HD video in 3D.

The Aiptek 3D can record HD video in 720p, and it uses two separate lenses and image sensors to create 3D video, and it comes with a 2.4 inch display.

As well as being able to record 3D videos you can also take five megapixel still images, and videos can be transferred to your computer via USB or you can watch them on your HDTV or 3DTV via the built in HDMI connector.

The Aiptek 3D pocket camcorder will be available shortly for about £200 in the UK about $317.

Aiptek 3D Pocket 3D Camcorder

via Geeky Gadgets