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Quirky Kōsoku could be the perfect dog leash

Quirky Kōsoku could be the perfect dog leash What you see here is the quirky Kōsoku, a specially designed dog leash that has the comfort of both furkid and owner in mind. After all, most dog leashes in the market today cater for just the owner without thinking too much about the dog’s comfort, but the Kōsoku is very different since it combines both plush and rigid materials, making it the ideal walking companion. Among the features include a fully retractable 6-foot long leash (not recommended by some dog trainers though, retractable leashes), a reflective 3M tape surface for extra visibility when you take Fido out for early morning or late night walks, a side pocket to hold doggy “waste” bags, and shock-absorbent neoprene and durable nylon canvas wrapped around a semi-rigid core for strength and flexibility. It is good enough for dogs that weigh up to 90 lbs. – anything heavier than that and you’re out of luck.

via Coolest Gadgets