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Blow-Up GoCrib

Blow-Up GoCrib The first thing you have to learn to do as a parent is to blow up random objects. Actually, you might want to start practicing before you have kids to work those lungs out a little. You can’t afford to not be prepared for these sorts of things. Those of you that had blow-up chairs in high school will have a small amount of an edge. The rest of you though need to really get to working on this sort of thing. Of course for this particular blow-up crib they were nice enough to include a pump. Don’t let that make you think you can get lazy though, there will come a day when you’re stuck blowing up a whole assembly line of pool toys.

If you’re a parent that prefers to take your baby into the great outdoors then you know sometimes it gets challenging. One way to make sure your baby stays right where they should be is to pick up this GoCrib. It’s a mesh crib that’ll let them play outside without you worrying about any sticks or leaves getting jammed into their mouth. The whole thing will fit directly into a handy little book bag. Once your child has gotten older, the mesh sides unzip to give them a little fort to play within. To purchase the Guava Family GoCrib it’ll cost you $249 through Amazon.

via Coolest Gadgets