Award Winning Skatecycle for you to sweat it out

Award Winning Skatecycle for you to sweat it out Want to look for a different form of recreational activity? You won’t go too far off the mark with the award winning Skatecycle, where this is a next generation recreational vehicle which picked up an International Design Excellence Award as well as a permanent place in the Henry Ford Museum. Merging the magic of foot control of snowboarding, alongside the balanced turning required of skateboarding, not to mention the nimble, undulating movements of casterboarding, the Skatecycle will offer an easy transition for folks who have had a taste in either one of the three sports mentioned. Both feet will be placed onto two slip-resistant footboards, where its double-jointed, twisting axle will enable riders to move either of the 9″ polyurethane wheels individually by twisting the feet inwards and outwards. If you persist in this continued foot motion, followed with careful synchronization with a twisting upper body, it will help “drive” the cycle over flat, level ground. Made out of durable aluminum and composite frame, just make sure you weigh no more than 220 lbs if you’re going to give the Skatecycle a go. $149.95 will not net you a helmet and protective gear as you bring the Skatecycle home.

via Coolest Gadgets