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Flowlab Skateboard

Flowlab Skateboard The Flowlab board is trying to to take the classic skateboard to the next level. Where a classic skateboard will allow you to carve at 25 degrees the Flowlab board allows up to 45 degree carves, using 14 wheels rather then the traditional 4.

Developed in 1999 by a couple of San Francisco design students looking for a way to skate down the city’s steep hillsides. Unlike a regular skateboard, the Flowboard has 14 wheels, enabling the rider to make the curving motions of a snowboarder.

Back in 2005 Kern signed a two-yearwith Bravo Sports, a product marketing company to try and penetrate the sporting goods side of the market while we focused on the pro channels. But it didn’t happen. The company ended up shelving the product for two years for reasons unknown to Kern. Bravo Sports has also declined to comment on their reasons.

Now with the pact finally expired, Sport Technology has relaunched the Flowboard and resurrected the name Bomb Factory for the company’s skateboard and T-shirt line.

Flowlab Skateboard