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Even Warmth Patio Umbrella Heater

Even Warmth Patio Umbrella Heater Want to prepare for winter? Well, if you happen to have a patio in your home and would like to sit outside even when the mercury drops later this year, you might want to consider investing $149.95 in the Even Warmth Patio Umbrella Heater from Hammacher. This is a special heater which is attached to virtually any patio umbrella, where it is capable of evenly distributing radiant heat to folks sitting under the canopy. It will work differently from tabletop heaters as those only warm a limited area, but thanks to a trio of adjoining arms, they will combine to cast an 8′ circumference of heat which is more or less guaranteed to provide warmth to everyone around the table. It relies on quartz heating elements to produce radiant heat that keeps you and your family or friends warm, making furniture surfaces nice and cozy for your cat to sleep on as well. Whenever you fold down an arm, its heating element will shut off, so you can always adjust the temperature accordingly depending on the number of arms.