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Check out these Dinosaur costumes!

Check out these Dinosaur costumes! Just when I thought that the New York Times interview with the Bina48 robot was the coolest thing that I was going to see today, along comes another cool video. This video, which you can watch after the jump, contains two of the most realistic dinosaur costumes that I have ever seen. As you can see, their heads turn like real heads, and they also roar and growl as good as anything seen in Jurassic Park. Of course, the effect isn’t perfect, as you can still see some legs clad in spandex. I am going to assume that a human leg isn’t made into the shape of a dinosaur leg, which is why they didn’t just put fake dinosaur skin on the legs. I’m wondering if the people in the dinosaur costumes are working the heads, or whether there is some weird second-party remote control going on. My source does not say where this dinosaur video was taken, but it speculates an Australian theme park. The guy who is herding the dinosaurs sounds like he could be Steve Irwin. Let’s just hope that the Dinosaur Hunter doesn’t get killed by his “pets”. Man, what I would give to have one of these dinosaurs as a Halloween costume. If I wore black spandex on my legs, I would camouflage with the night sky. Then no one would suspect that I wasn’t the real thing.