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Xbox 360 Lips Swarovski Crystal

[ad#GA 125x125 Right]Those who are looking forward to a singing extravaganza session on their Xbox 360 later this year with the Lips title will be able to do so in style when the limited edition Lips microphones are launched, featuring Swarovski crystals all over for that added touch of bling. The look is professionally done thanks to Crystal Roc who is best known for its line of crystal-studded musical instruments, such as those created for divas and celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue, Rihanna and Leona Lewis among others. When we said limited edition, we really mean so as there will only be a hundred of these around. Each pair of microphones will feature over 1,000 Xillion Rose crystals, hence the $680 price point.
These pairs of microphones are decorated with the technique patented by Crystallized Swarovski and have more than 1000 Xillion Rose crystals etched on them. The microphones come in a limited edition of 100 units with the price tag showing 680 USD. Because, as we all know, bad taste is pretty expensive. They will also be compatible with MTV’s Rock Band 2 and Activision’s Guitar Hero Metallica games.
As for Lips, it is a game for the Xbox 360 developed by iNiS and published by none other than Microsoft Game Studios. Similar to games such as SingStar and Karaoke Revolution, the release prides with its realistic lip-syncing simulation since no matter how badly you sing (to the point where you can just be silent), you can never lose.

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